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Download Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is the most awesome WordPress theme framework that comes with elegant responsive design, speed and in-built SEO. This framework is developed by Brian Gardner, Founder of StudioPress, a part of Rainmaker Digital, LLC, co-founded by Brian Clark (founder of CopyBlogger)

The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

Difference Between Genesis Framework & WordPress Theme?

This is probably the best example given by StudioPress which differentiate between WordPress, Genesis Framework & Premium Theme.

WordPress acts as an engine of your site where most of the blogs and websites are running. Genesis Framework works as the frame and body and Genesis child themes are used to give a blog good look.

A framework is well coded for SEO whereas a premium theme is generally optimized for a blog look & it’s the architecture of your blog.

Another Example from BlogTipsTricks:

WordPress is the place where you live. Sweet home. <3
In Humans, a body has the primary function because it includes main parts which give us the life. Better the body parts more we work & response better. So here Genesis is our body.
In Humans, garments help us to look better. This is how people see us (most of the time?). So here child themes are our clothes.
To survive in online marketing, we have to optimize our body i.e our blog base or styles & here Genesis Framework comes at First Place & it’s best in the business.

There are hundreds of reasons for using Genesis themes over general premium or free themes, but I’ll take the 10 most fundamental reasons as follows.

1. The Trust Factor

The Genesis Framework is produced by StudioPress (Copyblogger Media) which is a high profile company that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Filled by developers who are working hard to keep their good reputation! They always work hard to give you the best of Genesis.

Genesis Framework The Trust Factor

I am personally grateful for their hard work to give us a wonderful platform to quickly and easily build incredible any type of websites especially for businesses.


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2. Complete Ease of Use

Genesis is incredibly easy to use.

In fact, anyone starting out for the first time can have Genesis set up on their WordPress website and instantly look like a professional.

This can happen because Genesis offers features to make it simple to set up your site exactly the way you want it. And if you change your mind later, you’re just a few clicks away from creating new sections and functions.

Each Genesis child theme comes with its own unique settings, and making changes to those settings is just a case of ticking a few boxes, entering some basic information in the fields provided, switching a few slider buttons over, placing ready-widgets inside the columns and footer section and you’re done.

There’s really no need to mess around with theme files, or adding bits of code or scripts or anything else.

The theme settings are already there for you to make changes to, such as color style, default layout, navigation, breadcrumbs, blog page template, etc.

Genesis Framework Theme Settings

Moreover, many of the settings in Genesis can now be configured using the Live Preview.

Genesis Framework Customizer


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3. Search Engine Optimized

You have a lot of contents to put on your site because you want to rank higher on the Google. That’s where Genesis framework helps you. It is perfectly optimized for major search engines Including Google, Bing & Yahoo.

The architecture of Genesis Framework is pretty clean. It’s well coded with clean and secure codes to enhance maximum benefits. It comes with lightweight code design to increase your site speed and performance. Which ultimately helps you to rank higher in search engines.

Genesis now supports code, which allows you to output microdata in your site’s code. This enhances your site’s search engine optimization even further.

Genesis has an In-built SEO features that provides all essential features like Meta-descriptions, Breadcrumbs, Robots Meta tags, Author box, etc.

So you don’t have to install any SEO plugin for this features. Remember “Lesser The Plugins Better the Loading Time.”


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4. Fast Performance

Google loves the blog which load faster than other blogs. So having a fast loading blog has become one of the main features must-have.

Therefore Genesis Framework is an excellent choice because it’s well coded with clean and secure codes to enhance maximum benefits. It comes with lightweight code design to increase your site speed and performance.

Genesis Framework Fast Performance

In addition there are many Genesis child themes developed by StudioPress are lightweight when it comes to the code and number of files. This certainly helps to improve page speed load times.


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5. Mobile Friendly

Google recently announced to make some changes to the Google mobile search rankings, and depending on how your website is formatted to fit mobile devices; you may not be happy about this. If your site doesn’t meet Google’s mobile-friendly compatibility – it will be demoted on the search engine’s mobile search results and your overall Google page rank will start to drop.

Genesis Framework Mobile Friendly

But by using Genesis Framework you don’t have to worry about these updates, because Genesis Framework and child themes are built on 100% Mobile-friendly and responsive HTML5 designs to flawlessly display on all sorts of devices like; Laptops, iPads, Tablets and other mobile devices.

The main thing I like about StudioPress themes is that their Minimalist approach, most of their child themes comes simple content-oriented design that tends to add value for the users.


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6. High Quality Code

Code quality is a an aspect of your work that you will have to give more attention. Code quality is defined by a convergence of attributes such as maintainability, reusability, readability, efficiency, error proneness, and modularity.

As Genesis is well coded (meets all the requirements above), making any changes to the underlying code is relatively straightforward. Even if you don’t plan on editing the underling code of the framework, the clean and optimised code results in a fast loading website.


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7. State of The Art Security

WordPress sites can be vulnerable to those who want to take your site down or exploit it for malicious reasons. Having your site hacked is an expensive, time-consuming hassle and it can really damage your reputation.

Do you want your website to get hacked? Well, I know your answer will be a big NO.

But, what to do with those hackers who want to take your site down? Do you have any clue, do you ever thought about it?

By using Genesis Framework, you can assure your WordPress security because it has its own airtight security built on its core, resulting in not just a robust and reliable website, but a very secured one too.

StudioPress Security

It does not mean that you don’t need a security plugin at all, but it’s promising to know that StudioPress employs a security expert – Mark Jaquith – to lock down your site from any form of hacking!


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8. 100% Customizable

You want to build a brand, so while there are professional Genesis child themes available for you – still – you want something distinct. The developers of Genesis Framework understand that and they have built Genesis with drag and drop features.

You can easily customize your site from header to footer with the Genesis customization tools available (which you will get to shortly) so non-developers can make a lot of changes to the appearance of their website, without directly editing any code.

Genesis Framework 100% Customizable

There are lots of tutorials that would help you do the fix instantly. Exciting, isn’t it? Do you imagine calling yourself a self-taught Genesis developer? More so, Genesis remains intact while you control every bit of CSS with its Parent-Child functionality. You only have to upload a child theme and customize it.

As well as you can turn to the online community and pick up bits and pieces of code in order to make the desired tweaks and customisations to their child theme of choice.

Moreover, the abundance of freelance developers well versed in the Genesis Framework also makes it very easy to find someone to carry out customizations on your website, no matter how big or small.


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9. Instant Updates

Some people have a trauma of updating their site. Some major updates would break your site into pieces (when something goes wrong) – not with Genesis!

The team behind the Framework would thoroughly test any changes for WordPress compatibility – so everything would be smooth along the upgrades! And it’s easy – just a click of a mouse! Sure, Genesis understands that many of you are not developers, but writers and marketers!

StudioPress Automatic Updates

The best thing about using the Genesis Framework is that your child theme doesn’t require any updates because the framework itself manages the heavy tasks. Child themes just hold the outer design elements of your site.

Moreover you get unlimited support. Unlimited updates. Unlimited websites. There’s no “Developer Option” here. One low price entitles you to unlimited support, updates, and domains you can build on. If you’ve got multiple websites (or client projects), Genesis offers unparalleled value.

Now, this is something to really consider when thinking about investing in a new premium theme.


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10. Customer Support

Support is top-notch with StudioPress. As a lifetime member, you get premium support as and when you need it, including lifetime updates, unlimited access to theme setup guides and tutorials on all your purchased themes.

You can also join with the WordPress Genesis community that is quite knowledgeable and everyone around you will help you with dedication.

Currently, over 500,000 website owners trust Genesis Framework and Child Themes.


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Final Thoughts

From the review that I cover in detail above, a conclusion can be drawn that there are many good reasons why Genesis Framework is one of the most, if not the most well respected and popular theme framework for WordPress. This in turn means that there are many good reasons to choose this framework for your WordPress website.

Do I Recommend Genesis Framework? Absolutely Yes! And the money you pay for themes is definitely worth it.

I think I’ve covered all the details on this Genesis Framework Review, if you have any doubts or queries just drop me a line in the comments and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Download Genesis Framework


  • High-quality, robust, premium theme framework
  • Responsive design with HTML5 markup
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Search engine optimized
  • Advanced security system
  • Simple layout and settings
  • Supports unlimited child themes
  • A wide range of StudioPress child themes
  • Extensive ecosystem and community
  • Affordable, one-time payment
  • Lifetime membership, no annual fee, ever
  • Lifetime updates, and there’s lots of it


  • Not as feature packed as some themes
  • Less customization options for non-coders

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