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StudioPress is the creator of the Genesis Framework, which just so happens to be one of the most well-known WordPress theme frameworks around. Genesis is best described as a layer of code that sits between the WordPress software and your theme of choice. This framework gives WordPress websites a well designed, secure, fast loading and SEO optimized foundation so you can build the site of your dreams.

All StudioPress themes are mobile responsive and have clean, lightweight code that make your website fast, secure, and run smoothly. They’re trusted by over 210,000 WordPress users including Yoast, Matt Cutts from Google, plus the founder of WordPress – Matt Mullenweg. Few theme stores can actually get an interview with Matt and StudioPress is just that respected.

Here are 12 reasons you should choose StudioPress to build or redesign your WordPress site:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

StudioPress themes are built on clean code that meet the highest WordPress code standards. As a result, your website will always run quickly, securely, and smoothly for the ultimate user experience.

And, the better your website runs on the backend, the more satisfied your customers will be on the frontend (should you be providing high quality content, products/services, and more for site visitors).

When site visitors are engaged with your site’s content, and notice the speed and performance, they’ll stay on your site longer, share your content with friends and family, and even make more purchases, all of which will help boost your search engine rankings.

StudioPress Search Engine Optimization

Just make sure you don’t rely on the Genesis Framework or Genesis child themes solely for SEO optimization, you’re better off configuring the Yoast SEO Plugin. Genesis also comes with for rich snippets but you’re better off using a plugin like All In One Schema (free but minimal) or WP Rich Snippets (premium and robust). These plugins will do a better job no matter what theme you choose. Don’t get fooled when a developer slaps the words “SEO-Friendly” on their WordPress theme. The best way to know is to follow what the top WordPress people are using, and that’s why people like Yoast and Matt Cutts from Google use the Genesis Framework by StudioPress.


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2. Fast & Lightweight

Having a fast loading site used to nice-to-have, but today it’s must-have. Having a fast WordPress theme is critical for user experience, conversion rate and SEO.

Most StudioPress themes don’t include a built-in portfolio, shortcodes, and some don’t even include a slider. Instead of having these features caked into your theme (which hurts your load time), you can take advantage of the thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins available to only add the functionality you need, without overwhelming your website and messing with the user experience. This is the whole concept of lightweight. StudioPress coding is also top-notch so you can be sure your Genesis-powered WordPress site will load instantly.


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3. Mobile Responsive + HTML5

All StudioPress themes are mobile responsive design so site visitors clicking on your site from any device type or screen size can see your website in its entirety without excessive zooming or scrolling.

StudioPress Mobile Responsive + HTML5

In addition, StudioPress themes are built with HTML5 markup meaning they will:

  • Rely less on plugins for functionality
  • Work with all web browsers
  • Have the same end experience no matter the device
  • Have more efficient content
  • Use less bandwidth and load faster

Therefore having a mobile-friendly website built with HTML5 markup is a must these days. After all, Google officially announced back in 2015 that websites with mobile-friendly web pages will be given a ranking boost.


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4. Security

Site security is the key to your success. After all, if your site is hacked and your website compromised, not only do you risk losing all of your hard work, you risk losing customers.

Fortunately StudioPress brought on security expert and core WordPress developer Mark Jaquith to review, tweak their themes and make sure that the Genesis Framework is the most secure framework around. This is good since WordPress sites have been a recent target.

StudioPress Security


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5. Accessibility

This makes your website is more easily readable by people who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or color blind. They’re small things like making the text high contrast compared to the background color, or making your navigation selectable by keyboard. It’s not a ranking factor in Google (yet at least) but does make your site easier for this group of people.

StudioPress Accessibility

However, StudioPress themes make it easy to enable accessibility on your website so anyone, with any kind of disability, will be able to enjoy your website.


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6. Modern Design

Over recent years, website design has seen quite a rapid change in popular trends. There’s nothing worse than finding the theme of your dreams when it comes to the backend functionality, only to find out the frontend design is outdated and no good.

However, StudioPress comes with a modern design that will suit an type of website, appeal to all site visitors, and function the way it’s supposed to.

StudioPress Modern Design

Let’s take a quick look at some of StudioPress themes best design features:

  • Easily installed demo content
  • Color scheme, font, and layout customization
  • Custom page templates, including an exclusive landing page
  • Widget ready homepage
  • 6 default layout options including sidebar options
  • Custom header with logo upload capability
  • Social icon and share buttons
  • Recent posts, complete with featured images
  • Built-in search bar and breadcrumb navigation


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7. Automatic Updates

One less thing to worry about from our website is being vulnerable from attack because of having an outdated WordPress core, as well as outdated plugins and themes. And unfortunately, despite knowing this, many site visitors fail to perform regular updates.

In addition, sometimes website owners do perform the right updates, and then something on their website crashes. And if this happens, it could take an expert to find the problem and fix whatever happened as a result of a failed update.

StudioPress Automatic Updates

However, if you use a theme from StudioPress in your WordPress site, you can enable autoupdates in your Genesis theme settings and your WordPress core and Genesis child theme is automatically updated so you never have to worry about updating them manually.


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8. Powered by Genesis Framework

All StudioPress themes are built in the Genesis Framework. This framework is among the top frameworks is respected in many WP communities.

StudioPress Powered by Genesis Framework

This works similar to a parent theme and facilitates the development of your child theme (the one you choose on StudioPress). By using Genesis you are allowing StudioPress to make ongoing updates to the Genesis Framework which keeps your website running smoothly.


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9. Theme Settings

All StudioPress themes have Genesis Theme Settings which you can export and import to use on multiple Genesis sites. As you can see there aren’t nearly as many options as a robust theme like Avada on ThemeForest, but like I said, that is the concept of a lightweight theme.

StudioPress Theme Settings


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10. Genesis Plugins

As if creating the most popular WordPress framework to date wasn’t enough, complete with tons of child themes to complement any website owner’s dreams, StudioPress also offers a wide variety of plugins to help extend the design and functionality of your website.

And that’s only the beginning! The WordPress plugin repository has hundreds of free StudioPress plugins you can use. Most of them have high ratings are they are lightweight so you don’t have to worry about them slowing down your site.

StudioPress Genesis Plugins


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11. Documentation & Support

A high quality theme would be no good if it didn’t come with adequate documentation and support. And, as the most popular WordPress framework in the world the documentation for both Genesis Framework and their themes is super helpful. And the support team is always ready to provide any assistance if you are having any problem.

Once you purchase a theme you will have access to it’s setup instructions. Here they will show how to install your theme, import demo content, setup the homepage, Genesis SEO settings, use columns, and other tutorials.

StudioPress Documentation & Support

  • StudioPress users have access to an exclusive user account where help and documentation can be found. However, for those that need help with third-party Genesis child themes, you’ll find a FAQ section and an updated blog on everything related to StudioPress, website creation, the newsletter, news articles, and more.
  • StudioPress theme users can access the forum section, which is hosted on the StudioPress website. Ask questions, find answers, and get involved with the growing community.


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12. Great Community

One of the greatest things about WordPress is the community that has built up around that content management system. And, it just so happens that StudioPress has the same kind of community.

StudioPress Great Community

If you buy a StudioPress theme you should definitely join the Genesis WordPress Facebook Group. They are super helpful and the StudioPress team posts regular updates on new theme releases, tips, and other news about the Genesis Framework. If you have a question or issue related to anything Genesis, this is one of the most helpful Facebook Groups that you have to join.


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There are so many wonderful StudioPress themes to choose from, so in an effort to give you a sample, I’ve rounded up some of the best. Just keep in mind that all child themes have the potential to be customized how you see fit.

1. Corporate Pro

Corporate Pro Business WordPress Theme

Corporate Pro is a smart investment for businesses wanting to make a lasting impression. Corporate Pro has raised the bar for Genesis child themes with it’s smart new features such as the One Click Demo Import, AMP support and more.

Download NowLive Preview

2. Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro Blog WordPress Theme

Foodie Pro is sleek and svelte with it minimalist approach and clean design, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to features. Foodie Pro is the most flexible Genesis Theme to date – with a minimalist style and plenty of color and typography options.

Download NowLive Preview

3. Academy Pro

Academy Pro Business WordPress Theme

Academy Pro is the theme for online course creators, membership site owners, and educational content marketers. Showcase your authority, get more email opt-ins, and promote the benefits of learning from you.

Download NowLive Preview

4. Outfitter Pro

Outfitter Pro eCommerce WordPress Theme

Built to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, and featuring a stylish masonry-style product display option for the homepage, Outfitter Pro will help you drive more sales by inviting click-throughs to product pages and making the checkout process as intuitive as possible.

Download NowLive Preview

5. AgentPress Pro

AgentPress Pro Real Estate WordPress Theme

AgentPress helps industry savvy real estate agents like you build a better business with its intuitive design, powerful functionality, and smart listings. Rise above the market and achieve results by showcasing your professional services and up-to-the-minute resources with the buyer-friendly layouts of AgentPress.

Download NowLive Preview


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Pro Plus All-Theme Package

The StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package includes all StudioPress themes (55+ themes) for $499.95 + $99.95/year after. This theme pack includes all third-party and future themes in their collection. I found many higher paying gigs involve companies who want to use Genesis, so being a WordPress developer (and Genesis developer) can get you more clients in itself.

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package


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Showcase Websites

Use the showcase section on StudioPress website to see customized versions of each theme. There’s an option on the top of the page where you can filter by theme (and you’ll notice some websites look completely different than the theme, showing you how flexible they are).

StudioPress Showcase Websites


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Building a Website Using a StudioPress Theme

When you purchase a theme from StudioPress, you get access to the detailed installation and theme setup instructions for your chosen theme. These guides walk you through the process of setting up your website so that it matches the demo version for the specific theme you’re working with.

StudioPress Account Dashboard

From your dashboard on the StudioPress website, you can access the themes you’ve bought and find their setup instructions. Each theme purchase includes access to the Genesis Framework, and it must be uploaded to WordPress alongside your chosen StudioPress child theme.

To begin building your new WordPress website, download the theme and the framework archive files to your computer. The files can then be uploaded to your WordPress website through the themes section of the admin dashboard.

StudioPress Theme File Package

Genesis Framework and StudioPress child theme files are typically very small, especially compared with some of the other popular multipurpose WordPress themes out there. Of course, you don’t get access to the same wealth of features, settings, and integrated plugins, but, if you’re looking for a lightweight, fast-loading theme, those from StudioPress are hard to beat.

Once you’ve uploaded the Genesis Framework and StudioPress child themes to your website, activate the child theme to apply it to your site.

StudioPress Theme Install Activated

You can then either set up the theme as you wish or follow the instructions to duplicate the demo version of the theme (following the instructions gives you a good understanding of how the theme works).

You also have the option of importing the demo content. However, unlike some other themes, this doesn’t apply the settings and configuration of the demo version to your site, just the sample content.

StudioPress Theme Customizer Color

Depending on which theme you’ve chosen, you’ll get access to slightly different features and settings. However, with most StudioPress themes you can customize or modify the following areas:

  • Color scheme
  • Basic Site layout
  • Homepage content
  • Appearance of the content archives
  • Individual page layouts
  • Display optional breadcrumbs navigation

StudioPress Theme Customizer Layout

When it comes to adding content to your website, the StudioPress themes usually have a few templates to choose from, including a landing page template. There are also custom content and sidebar configurations that can be applied to individual posts and pages.

StudioPress Theme Settings Layout

Other customization options, depending on your chosen theme, can include the ability to add widgets to your homepage layout; depending on which ones you choose, you’ll be able to add a range of different types of content to your homepage via the widgets.

StudioPress Theme Customizer Widgets

Once you’ve created the structure for your website and customized its appearance, all that’s left to do is add your own content.

StudioPress Metro Pro Theme


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Final Thoughts

From the review that I cover in detail above, a conclusion can be drawn that if you’re looking for a high-quality, secure WordPress theme for your website, going with StudioPress themes is always a good idea. All of their themes come with a strong foundation that leads the way in popularity, have enough design and functionality for building a competitive website, and are easy to use whether you’re an advanced developer or a new website owner.

If you have any questions about my StudioPress themes review, the Genesis Framework, or a specific theme, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll be glad to help you out.

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  • All themes come fully responsive and mobile-friendly, complete with HTML5 markup
  • Lightweight themes are minimal and load super quickly
  • Fast load times, less technical issues, etc make for better SEO
  • Being built on the solid Genesis Framework makes things secure
  • Coding has been reviewed by WordPress security expert Mark Jaquith
  • Clean code follows WordPress best practices and standards
  • Some themes are accessibility ready for visually or hearing impaired
  • Comes with Genesis plugins to help extend the themes design & functionality
  • Lots of available documentation and support for when you need help
  • There is a huge community for Genesis, finding help is no problem
  • Very reliable when it comes to updates and keeping your site run smoothly
  • Returning customers get a nice discount off future purchases on StudioPress


  • Lack of extensive feature sets make themes look similar
  • Less built-in features means you will rely more on plugins
  • The price point is a bit much for some people
  • Pro Plus All-Theme Package has recurring fee which nobody likes

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